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  • Connectivity
    Prado can help you connect one computer, or many, to the Internet. Prices vary depending on whether you need a part time or full time connection, what method you will use to connect, and how many computers will use the connection.

    Some common choices are listed on our price list, for other options please e-mail us.

    Domain Registration

    Prado can file the paperwork with the InterNIC to register your domain name. The InterNIC has established a $100 charge for new domain registrations. This charge is paid directly to the InterNIC and will maintain your registration for the first two years.

    There is a small charge for this service.

    Domain Hosting

    An Internet domain is required to have two name servers which will answer DNS requests for the domain. Prado will provide name service for your domain, and will arrange for another computer on a different network to provide secondary name service. There is a charge for Domain Name Service.

    Machine Name Service

    For smaller networks, when you are using address space assigned by Prado, it is usually best to let Prado handle name service. There is no charge for maintaining name service when you get connectivity through Prado. You simply let Prado know what machine names correspond to each address and we will set it up.

    For both Domain Hosting and Machine Name Service, there is a small charge if you later decide to change machine names.

    E-Mail and Etc.

    Each of Prado's Connectivity options includes a mailbox. For network connections, where you wish to receive mail on one of your own machines, we configure our mail server to act as a backup in case your mail machine is unreachable. If you do not wish to receive mail on one of your systems you may use the included mailbox as a regular pop mail mailbox.

    Extra E-Mail mailboxes, and E-Mail aliases, are available for a small fee.

    IP Addresses

    The exact number of addresses assigned to your company will depend on the number of machines that you have and on the organization of your network. As your network grows you will be assigned additional addresses. Please see our IP Policy page.

    There is no charge for IP addresses.

    Web Page Services

    All of Prado's connectivity services include basic web page service. The basic service includes 5 megabytes for storage and up to 500 megabytes per month transfer bandwidth. The URL for the basic service is The basic web page service does not include access to cgi or server side includes. The server does not support the security features that make commercial transactions safe on the net.

    Additional storage space is available for a small fee. Additional transfer bandwidth also has an extra charge. CGI and other more sophisticated options are available for an additional fee. Please e-mail for more information.

    Virtual Web Server

    If you do not run your own web server, we can configure our machine to respond to requests for Your pages on our server will be made available with a URL like

    There is a setup fee, and a small monthly fee, for this service.

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